An Elegant Evening of Authentic Italian Woodfired Pizza, Cold Cut & Cheese Platter at Terrazza

Wood-fired Pizza, Cold Cut, cheese and a glass of chilled red wine sound like a perfect combo for an evening out to unwind with your loved ones, doesn’t it? If that’s your idea of an elegant date, then we might just have the place for you! Terrazza, a name you might already be familiar with from our previous articles but you would be surprised to find out Terrazza still got a lot more to offer.

Feel free to create your very own platter by choosing from this large variety of high-quality Cold Cut and cheese available at the Deli and if you’re having doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the chef for some exciting recommendations that you might just end up loving it. Of course, a Cold Cut & cheese platter wouldn’t be complete without sips of chilled wine in between your savoring the delectable bites so don’t miss on that!

We simply can’t talk about Terrazza without the mention of their signature authentic Italian woodfired pizza and we might have gotten “slightly” carried away ordering not 1, not 2 but 4 PIZZAS!

Pizza Al Tartufo was our first pick because who wouldn’t be tempted by Truffle cream?  Also topped with Mozzarella and extra slices of Parma Ham, this is a rare pizza that you might not be able to so easily find it elsewhere. Note: the flavor might be a little intense and salty for those not used to the taste of ruffle and Parma ham. Next up was Marinara which tasted just as beautiful as its name. We would recommend this to any seafood lovers out there as the topping of scallop, shrimp and squid on top of fresh tomato sauce couldn’t get any more heavenly than this. Formaggi was also another highlight of the evening for us and you might be able to guess where the pizza got its name from. Formaggi uses nothing but a combination of various imported Italian cheese (up to 5-6 kinds) for topping and this makes every slice of Formaggi a journey. You never know what kind of cheese you are biting into but it’s always a pleasant surprise and we totally would try this again! Last but definitely not least, anyone saying meatless pizza can’t be fun and delicious obviously hasn’t tried Vegeteriana. Who would have guessed tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, pell pepper, cucumber and mushroom as pizza topping would make you reconsider your meat consumption? Because Vegeteriana got our FoodBuzz team raving after the first bite but it’s Terrazza after all, are we really surprised?

Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 2:30PM & 5:30PM – 10:30PM

Price: Starting from $8.80 for pizza 

Location: #1C, St. 282, Sangkat Beoung Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkamorn (Behind the Place Gym) | Googlemap

Article by Foodbuzz